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of everyday life in china. and don't live there. last week aka rob greeting card. that doesn't work does or what have you end up tv. today money matters were killed when her point. today was thinking as for the top commander for the consumer corner will talk about packaging airport. to which i think there is a happy about it. one of the development of a wealthy actress debate the future pope on time let's take a look of the top prize of life here in time first up and watching dot com the chinese government talk of change in the painting them. and that meant i had been a popular topic of discussion in the country. chinese people avoid unpleasant but the type of pension fund and inequality in distribution that i did not intend to establish a fairer and more sustainable security system to my university researchers had indicated the previous content that might be unfair the chinese government or the by the end of two thousand twelve. the total pension funds amounted to about two trillion yuan or about three hundred twenty billion dollars. all the pictures large menu commands are too small. i
of their severe employment intuition nearly fifty percent return don't do any damage in choosing them for job over student was educated in china next up a national business daily. the price of the chinese medicine court that had slowed down according to start traditional chinese medicine is believed to be able to help improve people immune to them and the way the effect of aging. from september to february. the hot tube record of sale. however most chinese buyers. but to them that rather than ppm. the early nineteen nineties to two dollars and seven. the price recorded and stored into doubt the whimper kilogram for a hundred youth culture bound to get you down you tell about all that you've got a financial crisis causing prices to plummet four years later to return back upright look good on that. his anti corruption campaign within the chinese government quarter to practice for nearly twenty percent decrease compared to the previous year the market to point out the inventory of rising of the price of corn that is corrupt. each year the top of all imported that could reach between eighty and the hu
. with the continuously rising labor costs. the future of china co company is still far from optimistic. don't go and get on that money matters what time the housing for rich people station. pregnant on our marriage and the road to two dollars to the average chinese worker. with the help of the many cities have shot up and stayed that way because wealthy people have been buying of multiple home one could assume the house worker in the housing bubble and is about the pot. how the appreciation of the room for debate after securing demand for houses have looked to be. especially goes for sticking with a population of chinese residents are millions of millions of people either so many people who can afford houses in the big city. the people of china have expressed frustration. he met and places of group discussion with the chinese social media network with oil the government took notice and make wishes to offer housing. according to data provided by kathleen property agent at the end of october this year more than seventy three thousand houses in beijing were predicting two dollars and thirteen the total val
worried that the economic never did like in china. and don't ruin the honor last week of the study abroad. or that of the more it is or what have you end up pt today in money matters little whether one for my house. no question today what they see the depth of the housing front consumer corner of the flight had been called to do chinese and is happy about it. finally a development that day forth the effort that they will profit from china. before all that but the look of the top rate of one year's time. first the uniqueness of their plenary session did not discuss housing prices directly. after fourteen long thirteen hour each session closed yesterday in beijing former agenda for the country connected to bougainville to the. it has made a point that no regulatory policies and contemplate have been referred to directly in the new agenda. the governor has repeatedly expressed the desire to collect property taxes on a larger scale several times earlier this year. during the gentlemen's game they happened yet and now mind you there. all the milk for the decision on the housing property tax wa
that they don't have a date. next up the china business news delight to give pricing power given back to chinese airline company. the civil aviation administration of china and not bill campbell government controlled airline ticket pricing. previously regulated the benchmark to want to give prices. people liked it discharge point five min per km for twenty with ten per mile for passengers. airline companies can adjust airline ticket prices no more than twenty five percent when no less than forty five percent of its benchmark prices market insiders point out that they're getting pregnant or back to the airline companies because of the market competition from china high speed for a week the new puppy might not be bringing too much of the damage chinese airline company. because these companies might not be able to reduce like to get too much to forgive men their profit margin. and that many chinese airlines have a pupil to improve the current benchmark for electric upright. civil aviation administration china implemented the banks were called in to dump four of the continued increase in cost of je
of everyday life in china. i don't remember her laughing all the leftover when three kids in chinese factories. more than what you end up tv today money matters the tiny tv ratings in our question today what they see their doctor watching tv reporter. but dr for his application. two chinese users happy about it. finally it is going to pay for the extras that they did something for the winter olympics. but before all that would take a look at the top rate of one year in china first of the national the daily evergreen real with soccer championship. once you are ever going to be at least open to south korea to become china's first ever winner of the asian soccer competition it continually. the result of the first time the chinese club to the top the podium and china into the professional soccer twenty years ago. holding the championship. other news came out about the club sponsor ever dreamt of the group. the past three years the increasing popularity of one to africa and the realty company had made a fortune on the investment. before that he wanted soccer club the total annual sales on forever g
number of packages bottom line. after the holiday. this year that they don't express company time to post it for the first time going to be shipping packages on the holiday. over the company publicly and i'm still not provide the level of the patient to walk it other privately owned express companies do the hype reimbursement for losing or damaging a package is only two hundred u s route thirty two us dollars. also there won't be any assurance and made available for the package the packages of dr and most privately owned companies. the offer to reimburse cleaned people to the value of the cost of the package. of course with the maximum value on to claim the hundred us dollars the defensive packages without insurance the insured amount can reach three hundred twenty three thousand two hundred us dollars. consequently the different vendors that i can approach got a lot of net users question the parody of the company the key of bumble my perspective standing with the generation of online shoppers. one joe dailey tiny budget airline will offer non human like and want to the shanghai based pri
. the parents and grandparents are to all that he kept the babies and all don't go away because of making money matters. we're talking upright discuss the plenary sessions agenda station. china's leadership without social and economic reforms of the country's most important ultimate contest in the thirteenth session of the communist party of china as you can afford and a marker for forrester energy resources and utilities were trapped. the reforms address the major issues related to become the chinese government and economy. the doctor due to showcase reforms were made last week. but we address how the marker will play an active role in allocating resources collected intervention. the role the government raised in a market economy have been of comedy should be accustomed to the fourteen thirteen thousand twenty years ago time to free market the more important part of it is elevated to dislike the position. many times am pleased that the fundamental point in italy two years of change. the first agenda until last week. around twenty thousand chinese characters and divide the complexion the protec
in what the source of most of the pollution from combustion and traffic. don't go away because of extra money matters were talking the peanut supermarket kitchen. well many of china's go to the blogger could not stop. many have started turning aggression towards other day when the company multiple thirty story building started making up the division. her short hallway to read chinese consumers. they offer convenient feel and quality un team before the country for brands like airport in walmart top china's rising middle class is a prime player and a future stock value. they made big moves to build toward the build their brand throughout the country some domestic brand older model to something worth replicating the similarities to whom are in walmart might have even been adopted its stockholders of care. some of the domestic brands were able to take advantage of their home field advantage by picking ideal location the captain glorification and being likable local kill people. before there were these massive supermarket people go to mom and pop shops. the store's been wiped out or diminish
was about eleven you don't want people to death in thirteen in the tube after we broke a two hundred fifty us dollars. still felt that the world and have your own twitter. the strong rising trend to go for a long time i'm delighted to hear the valuable of the court's order for her to support us dollars. according to data released by canada's walk of the dual currency research center of october to hear the trains on the big quake in china to reach one hundred thousand and eight accounting for fifty percent of global trade value. the high transaction price one three two thousand seven hundred yuan or four hundred forty three us dollars. china to america to become the largest decline marked in the world but there are other questions linger about legality and china. it could be controversial and would already be out of the country don't go away because of that money matters which are not meant to perform. they can. medic or form in dire need in china. have complained about the inability to afford medicine and the current quality of medical care hostel. in the recently finished the night sessio
. what were inducted into the economic never did like the time. and don't render honor last week of the club to the dmv furthermore it or what have you in the candy today money matters with each struggling to get to rest. a question today was a generous with their stop and think within it into a corner. we'll talk about abortion figures into which i need a new topic about it. finally the interface with the effort to improve the developer forgot to pack. before all that. the look of the top bunk in china you've gotten bigger online box office come on dot com with the biggest us and china which movie to report about a few years. report showed that nearly ninety percent of paying customers are men and mostly men are married or single men who are involved romantically. over half of the helping customers in over three hundred human rights if you are held every year on the video web site the taiping videos. the male audience and also on average around two dollars apiece and other charges like reading appetite. cover and official data shows that by the end it doesn't well where eighty p
not a big deal for most couples technically illegal for institution to charge extra don't go away because of making money matters were talking the greeting card of corruption. stay tuned the beginning of november is due to the present time are many graphic printing company the calendar and greeting cards the coming year are hot selling products for them because the large number of calendars and greeting cards are put in this year's hit by the end of december. cover the bidding of the tellers can be a little bit different this year. at the beginning of november the disciplined action commission the central government released a written notice then paying green cards and calendars in institutions and state owned enterprises. apparently the government isn't doing it to the spirit of the holiday grants. the crackdown on corruption. holiday greeting cards have become the source of miscues government line when does it want to achieve all that of a disciplined action commission the holiday greeting card not too much diving in and week. the new regulation had been issued for spring situation. a
ordinary employee those that don't need to be sure not a pension sure what that could only get all the cute lah data showed an ordinary employee can about what that is due back for two hundred and five. you tell the street smart. they differ from servants nearly four hundred and you don't read on the different content and distribution. many chinese people when discussing the topic of intention report the chinese government put in effort to bring the private sector pensions to settle the problem. he doesn't hide the average punter from plate to the hundred continuous dollars each month. johnson twelve potential is approved or more than two hundred dollars each month. even though the pensioner who has adapted to the civil servant but the biggest concerns of the money enough to live off of it all. the chinese government either the third quarter of two dozen thirteen when three hundred million employees in urban cities were covered by the pension sure. the total pension sharing it with about twenty five billion dollars. but twenty five percent from last year the deal could be far from optimisti
taking the train every day. the rate of regular trading. don't let the forty percent. makeup is perfect and the door to ensure the passengers for intercity train the regular train to stop twenty two to three hundred and ten. even the most of the heat are vacant. don't go way of making money matters. talk about corruption in the dmv they can. earlier this month a car crash became big news in china. electric car was rear ended by bus. it sounds like an ordinary act the blog three car owner was gold medal winner stimuli. if not in a big deal within the country that isn't to kill them. after cooking the pasta according to force possibility for the fact that the union was a victim. when traffic police investigated the fact that the promising young kid even have a light as a result you find about two thousand and three hundred thirty us dollars then when he went on to police for seven days. two young kids are out the custom the driving licence and driving test it. many people worried. here's to a large number of people that have cars don't have a driver's license at all. even though some of t
there in the freezing cold. don't go away because of that money matters were talking about the one child policy station not having time to slow population growth. the one child will be the one the most well known controversy in china. last friday a formal talking about the controversial puppy was released within the reform agenda could become the party for cleanup. one tell pollsters enough to have a dramatic change. the new regulations and the puppy under the new ball the couple to be allowed to have two children. one apparent in the title. we'll all be granted the concussion the couple were both only children. according to one p on the bike present on the national open family planning commission. the new regulations that are posted in several social profit on friday. accord to official data the elderly population gradually comes to your social problem china. they're more than two hundred million elderly people over fifty years old. the current population growth rate. i'm into doubt that the population of this age group is expected to increase to four hundred million people would occupy quarter the to
honey you don't like going around the world. what could be numbered. ordinary chinese people we don't agree with the statistics that tell you how the country's one point three billion people are interacting with an economy that changes like that looking at social and economic questions to live with china's twenty twenty what phrases that are shaping the future the economics of every light in time to time gospel and are allowed to re caulk of transportation reports are that the more than what you end up tv. the money matters will get a make up and requested a letter presented to the top of my makeup in consumer court will pop up with crab trap into which i hated everything about it finally development of a working actress debate the role of the corners in time. oh before that the look of the topic of mine here in china. first up in time and didn't need private lending for the first time have been approved and went and did. china's private lending industry. the illegal by the government for a long time. eventually provide the window to the government and to jiang province the new regu
treated in the workplace. but don t do it after rain. many people decided they would rather just change their job among the twenty thousand units more than seventy percent of them had to consider changing their job the request for what the night. next the beijing morning post. caleb and i will paste or two about five point seven billion us dollars. one single day which was yesterday. the total to one came all the content of the dotcom total to about thirty five killing us the five point seven billion dollars a mere twenty four hours. to god and twelve the total sales were about three billion dollars the store and fail to hear about half of that of china's total total retail sales each day. according to data released by the two online shopping website the beginning of the shopping day. the most popular products for female undergarments. there are more than one million drop goal in the first hour of the shopping festival. it also acted out of the problem outcome which showed that there are much more female consumers. then there were no customers. another popular item was in the milk powd
was eighty three. september this year more than one hundred seventieth and baby had been accepted. don't go away because of that money matters what type of corruption the music industry they can. there are two types of popular variety show in china. there are those for dating and or those for singing. exporting love and gone to the table with the korean reality tv time they're politically difficult a well planned a different reality that the percentage and the right deal. the king khan to have extremely popular and very profitable for you to show the navy capt life. and it was a possibility. for more than ten times. major chinese nation. look it up to one or the board to china to avoid anti idol. china's market for song with already huge before the show. it's very common for people in canada go to ktv which are karaoke room for birthday meeting the other party. i've been content to show that left people become iraq overnight happily greet people that he and peter green. the show's hard to top off the pace the map links. the show can be a celebrity overnight the building three hours lovely c
percent in the next few months. don't go away because of that money matters were talking about transportation for it. they can. during the past two weeks the chinese government are clean and dust and what form the biggest topic of discussion by china watchers china's leadership on with tofu and economic reforms of the pulp making session the first time ever trying to calm your party pledged to fight the role for the market the financial times that the outline of the reforms of the close of the conch with intent to map the country's direction for the next decade one important issue brought up with a quote like the role played by the marketing changes to practice throughout the country reforms are expected to cost the industry including the subway and train ticket this part of regional doctrine could translate it all that quote the government encourages active role for the marketing pricing system. it necessary to avoid inappropriate interference from the government especially when the market could add the price. the move related to the price report that oil natural gas and trans
. and don't remember her last two we talk about t legal adoption industry. more than what you end up tv. money matters with the incredible wind power to the question today with raising the death often surprised to receive. four talk abou the protection laws and cute funny to have to say about it. finally the bell that debate the actor who they feel the uncle was completely wet for all that. let's take a look at the top rest of my pure china first in the twenty first century business herald. culture club looking to god i pray that health care clubs are becoming more popular mode of thinking in china. like when belief in traditional chinese medicine. most people are still in product and the recent extraordinary claim. they're telling customers that their product and treatment can cure a variety of chronic diseases entry details man. mark houston copying acupuncture and the gardens are the major treatment offered a new culture club. cover the prices are usually much more expensive than common therapy treatment. take a part of club in beijing as an example. the cheapest price for one thirty
three don't have the extra pounds each year nearly two million tonnes of illegal the first brazil india and australia. due to lack of quality action to cut them the model t can be dangerous next up the china business news brought milk shortage striking china's dairy industry. the kiddos made melamine can read milk powder scandal forced time to open their industry to the world the port many individual local dairy cattle farmers the market due to the little farming techniques. it also cost china's raw milk supply the plant. khaled out of the ministry back to that me and it doesn't open till now china's dairy cattle decreased from eight million to three point four million it is not permitted to reveal the five million tonnes of milk short of market demand. the refund of death to all the copper price hike. october to november the average raw milk price increases that under fifty to eight hundred us dollars per tonne. affected by that domestic dairy company not to increase eight nine percent of their products in the december. market insiders to worry about the future of china's dairy industr
months. don't leave any signs of drivers of the class. nick stevens he joked i have some effect expected to grow at the spa. in eighteen months official figures clock in the country the official pm by fifty one point four fold over higher than the fifty ne and two were expected by the market. a number above fifty indicates expansion and they say the government's economic reform policies starting to take always in woodstock and nineties the corner. we are we. she was a major driver of cobras pmi numbers. look for production going. pollard is positive as well manufacturing activity of a large enterprise is going to fuss and fifty two point three medium sized enterprise is actually going to affect the activity was smaller firms stealing conceptual coming and what he is going quite well too don't we each year. the key to the pmi reading for small and micro sized enterprises show that we need to strengthen support to dump the car and off we go for small enterprises. i mean the lack of capital and difficulty in texas and financing employment also saw an uptick in october i meant to stabilize t
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